August 26, 2016

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McGuinty Government Doomed in Next Election

March 5, 2005

Ask an Ontarian whether they like or dislike Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and you will find that they are twice as likely to articulate a negative rather than a positive comment, according to a SES Research Poll.

When asked what they disliked about McGuinty four in 10 Ontarians said that he lied - without any prompting.

Few realize that the recent "pit bull" ban came straight from the Premier himself, according to Liberal sources.

McGuinty was full of great promises before he was elected. A Toronto Star column, Liberals all talk on free votes for MPPs, points out that every vote on government bills under the McGuinty government is whipped, even those that were not in the party platform.

It seems that this promise of McGuinty is yet another instance of all talk and no substance:

"We will give your elected representative more power," they promised in their 2003 election platform. "Your MPP should be free to represent your views, not just parrot the views of his or her party. We will make sure all non-cabinet MPPs are free to criticize and vote against government legislation, with the exception of explicit campaign promises and confidence matters."
- Dalton McGuinty

At the rate they are going the McGuinty government is surely doomed in the next election. The only PC representative who needs to go with them is Norm Stirling, for lying to his constituents when he said he opposed a breed ban and then voting for Bill 132 in the house.


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