August 31, 2016

Chako Rescue Association

Petitions to Stop BSL in the US

March 7, 2005

Dear Dog Owner,
I am writing to ask for your support to stop Breed Specific Legislation.  This does not involve money, just a few moments of your time.  Responsible Dog Owner Associations from several states have united to draft petitions to state legislatures to protect our ownership rights in dogs, and to the U.S. Congress to protect our ownership rights in all domestic species of animals. Please take a moment to read the petition for your state, and for Congress and to sign them if you agree with the language.  Please forward these links along to all of your dog owning friends, and to any dog clubs with which you are affiliated.
  Please do not sign a petition for a state in which you do not reside, we have to remove those signatures before the petitions  are sent to the state Legislatures.  Please sign singly, every name counts as one person.   You can show your support for our efforts by signing the petition to Congress if none of the states below is your home.   If you want a petition made for your state, contact us at the BSL Workshop (link below).

  The petition for Alabama;

  The petition for Indiana;

  The Petition for Iowa;

  The petition for Washington State;

  The petition to U.S. Congress;

  To learn more about BSL across the U.S. and Canada please join the BSL Workshop.  We help draft effective petitions for any state by researching each state's Code, and writing to the proper Title.

  Cherie Graves, chairwoman
  Responsible Dog Owners of Washington
  Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States

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