August 24, 2016

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Letter Carriers Say ANY Dog Can Attack

March 18, 2005

     Ontario's Breed Ban

Ontario, Canada is the place in North America to introduce breed specific legislation at the province / state level. In spite of overwhelming evidence against the ban the province has pushed ahead with its knee-jerk legislation.

It is our feeling that after a hasty announcement that last fall that a ban would be put in place that the government felt it had no room to change its mind without being embarassed.

Madonna's Story
Was Madonna slaughtered for spite?

Death for Innocent Puppy

The Liberal government used a handful of horrible attacks that occured over a 10 year period to justify its province-wide breed ban. One of the highest profile attacks involved a postal worker.

The McGuinty Liberals ignored many other serious attacks, including a fatal attack on young Courtney Trempe in 1998 and a very serious attack last fall on another postal worker by a different breed.

Now, the president of the union representing postal workers has spoken out against the breed ban.

In an interview in the Midland Mirror Brad Windover said, ""As far as systematically doing away with the whole breed, I don't think that is the answer."

According to the Mirror article, Windover supports the increased fines for all dog owners, and believes that education of owners, not a breed ban, is the best solution.

"As a letter carrier, we have a little more insight into the nature of the beast, if you will. Dogs will attack to protect their territory and there are dogs who will attack to kill, and there is a fine line between the two. Every dog has the capability, and we can attest to that," said Windover in the Midland Mirror interview.

When asked why he did not listen to Donna Trempe, a mother whose child was killed by a Bull Mastiff in 1998, Attorney General Michael Bryant said that he had to think of victims like the postal worker who had her ear torn off by "pit bulls". This newest evidence from the postal union calls brings into question the very motive of the Attorney General.

Last week, as a direct result of the pending breed ban in, a 7 month old puppy - Madonna - has been killed. The puppy was euthanized even though numerous people offered to rescue the dog and the Toronto Humane Society had offered to take the dog into their care.

The traditional "red" colour of the Liberal government has become the shameful red of the blood of innocent animals. The saddest thing is that this is just the begining.

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