August 27, 2016

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BSL Proposed for Youngstown, Oh , AGAIN

August 13, 2007

It is official in that the local 21 news channel reports the BSL is on the table in the new dog ordinance sponcered by the newly elected mayor.

I have tried unsuccessfully to speak to the main parties. I would like to present to them expertise in this field who have successfully worked in the draft of legislation.

The Am Channel 21 News reports today the new dog ordinance the mayor proposed may include a ban on "pit bull type dogs"

We have corresponded before , unfortunately on the same subject. I am no longer a city of Youngstown resident which is not helping me in communication with the parties, though I do live in the area and often frequent within the city.

The mayor of Youngstown is sponsoring a dog ordinance. This ordinance may include breed specific language.

This proposed ordinance is the result of several incidents within the city regarding dogs reported to be of the "pit bull" type. But it appears a recent incident where an off duty Youngstown fireman was bit by an Italian Mastiff while walking a very small mixed breed dog, where both dogs were off leash.

The author of the proposed ordinance is Jay Macejko, who is the city prosecutor. Jay's phone number is 330-742-8791. After draft the ordinance is reviewed by the legal department. Iris Guglucello is the head of this department. Her phone number is 330-742-8874.

The ordinance is to be presented to City council for vote on August 22 2007 at 5:15 PM.

The ordinance was withheld from the July Council meeting as they were waiting on the Ohio Supreme Court Tellilngs ruling. Since the Tellings ruling the ordinance is being revised in lieu of the greater scope of retrictions the Tellings ruling may allow a city to legislate. This can not be good news. I have tried to contact Iris and Jay but so far my calls have not been returned. I am concerned this ordinance is now going to include restrictions or ban on "pit bull type" breeds it may be inclusive of other "mastiff" breeds as well. Several years ago with the help of this group we were successful in preventing a breed ban. The mayor is newly elected and it appears the councilmen have changed since last go around.

Click here for the addresses of the councilman that will be voting on the ordinance.

Tom Jones

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