October 19, 2017

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Excellent BSL Links

Find the Pitbull
An eye-opening online quiz that may leave you stumped ... and which clearly demostrated the problem of banning a specific breed or breed type.

AKC Canine Legislation
The AKC has taken a proactive stance on BSL and it show in many of their efforts. They have a number of brochures on their website with helpful information relating to canine legislation, including: Preparing for Action, What do you mean Lobby, and Make your Contact Count.

American Dog Owners Association
This is a good site with information on pet owners rights and breed specific legislation.

AVMA - Educational Resources for Dog Bite Prevention A wonderful set of resources published by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Canine legislation: Can dogs get a fair shake in court?
This is an excellent article written by Marianna R. Burt, that takes an in-depth look at dogs and proposed laws. Definitely worth a careful read.

Dogs and the Law
This article takes a generic look at typical laws and bans that affect dogs and specific dog breeds.

Book: Fatal Dog Attacks
A must read for people who oppose BSL, this book 'explores and discusses the truth behind fatal dog attacks.

Insurance Company Policies on Dogs
From the AKC website. Find out the insurance company policies before you buy insurance for your home. If you already have an insurance company with policies you don't believe in please consider changing insurance companies and be sure to let them know by writing to their president and board of directors.

Preservation Publishing
The webpage of Preservation Publishing, an organization dedicated to fighting BSL and educating people about the true nature of the APBT.

Other Dog Related Links
Council of Docked Breeds
The Council of Docked Breeds (CDB) campaigns to protect the future welfare of all traditionally docked breeds.

New Zealand Council of Docked Breeds
"Protecting the future Welfare of all Docked Breeds."