Our plans and direction for membership is currently under development. Please email us if you wish to be notified when membership information is available.

If you are interested in volunteering to help out as we get started, your help would be appreciated. We currently are looking for people to help us:

  • put together a membership package

  • pull together content for a monthly BSL bulletin

  • write articles and stories that bring to light the issues that are actually involved in BSL issues

  • compile a FAQ (frequently asked questions) that would be posted on the Dogwatch site

  • contact and encourage legislation reps from various clubs to keep the lines of communication open and to encourage sharing of information between parties interested in opposing BSL.

If you would like to help out in one of these areas, please email our volunteer co-ordinator: Be sure to mention the areas where you are able to help, and the commitment that you are willing to extend to our organization.

To submit an article to DogWatch, please send your submission by email to along with a statement authorizating DogWatch to publish your article on our website, mailing list, and in an electronic newsletter. As well, please include a statement indicating that you are not violating any copyright laws by submitting the article to our association. We reserve the right to edit submissions, and to only publish submissions that are appropriate to the topic at hand.

We are also interested in developing strategic alliances with other clubs/organizations to enable sharing of knowledge while minimizing duplication of work. If you think your organization and DogWatch could work together effectively, please let us know by emailing We are particularly interested in supporting public education and rescue efforts.

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