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This is the story of Liberty. It is a story of great suffering, and of hope.

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Fact vs Fiction: Media Myths

In a world where the media educates the public, owners of specific dog breeds have reason to be fearful. Rather than reporting on the truth, the majority of media companies see an opportunity to sell papers by building false myths about certain canine breeds.

What is the truth about Staffords and related bull breeds? How does the public feel about being manipulated by the media? Should the media be accountable for their role in encouraging dog bites? It is about time that people looked at the real problem behind dog bites and realized that dog owners are the true problem.

The media's methodology of sensationalizing dog attacks and the supposed 'dangers' of certain dog breeds not only deflects attention away from the people that are the real problem, but it encourages those people to continue abusing their dogs.

Current story: An open letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald, on a very mis-informed piece of reporting they recently ran in their paper.

Visit our past story on a newspaper in Australia that not only printed incorrect information and mismatched dogs when reporting on a dog bite incident, they refused to acknowledge the fallacies that they printed when contacted by a local expert on Staffords, SBT breeder David Lowe.




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